L2 nuLL

Server Features

Our servers are currently located in a datacenter in EUA. We have full protection against DDoS attacks and BOT programs.

GameServerLoginServer / TeamSpeak / WebServer
Dedicated - 24/7 Dedicated - 24/7
Dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2620 (12x2.0Ghz) Intel® Xeon® E3-1270 (4x3.4Ghz)
32GB DDR3 RAM Memory 8GB DDR3 RAM Memory
Uplink 1Gbps Uplink 1Gbps
Daily Backups Daily Backups

RatesEnchant Rates
XP: 500x Safe Enchant: 3
SP: 500x Max Enchant: 16
Adena: 1000x Enchant Rate: 55%
Party XP: 1.50; 1.60; 1.70; 1.80; 1.90; 2.00; 2.10; 2.20; 2.30 Blessed Enchant Rate: 100%
Drop: 5x    

Custom NPCs

Global Gatekeepers

There are a teleport NPC that can teleports you to every area in the game.


We have some shops to buy and trade items in our server. In the GM Shop you find all items from D to S-84 grade, also you find scrolls, consumables, potions, etc. You can also buy the noblesse quest final item, so you just deliver it to the last NPC of the quest and you become noble. In the Donator Manager and Vote Shop NPCs you find the donator items which can be obtained through donation or by voting in the top sites.


You'll find a scheme buffer where you can create buff profiles with custom buffs. The buffs in our server lasts 2 hours.


We have a lot of automatic events in our server like Team Vs Team (TvT), Capture the Flag (CTF), Death Match (DM), Last Man Standing (LMS) and Fight Club.

Farm Areas

There are a lot of custom farm areas in our server. For those who are starting, the most recommended area is the "Newbie Farm Area", where you will find mobs from level 20 to level 80 with custom adena drop. The other areas: "Intermediate Area", "Advanced Area" and the "Party Farm Area" are for the intermediate and veteran players. The mobs there drops a lot of adena, blessed enchant scrolls, element stones/jewels, codex and gold bars.


  • Protection against dualbox in events (It looks into the machine IP, not the WAN IP, so those who play in Cyber Cafes are free to play)
  • .cfg to configure the game as you like
  • .votes and .exchangevotes to obtain the vote rewards
  • Offline shops (Open a shop and exit the game, your character will still be logged selling / buying items)
  • Balanced olympiads (All your stuff is treated as a +6 items in the battles). 15 days period.
  • Community Board (Gm shop, teleporter, buffer, ranks and informations about the server)
  • Certification skills
  • Castle Sieges
  • Clan Hall Sieges
  • Fortress Sieges
  • Territory Wars
  • Seed Of Destruction
  • Seed Of Annihilation
  • Elemental system lvl 7
  • Balanced classes for improved gameplay
  • PvP title color system